Hello Kitty Proposal Ideas Hotel Room

Is your babe a fan of hello kitty? Thinking of staging proposal surprise in a hotel room and have no ideas how to go about it? No worries, party wholesale got you covered!

Hello Kitty Marry Me Proposal Ideas in Hotel Room

Refer to above image for one of our hello kitty hotel room balloon inspiration. Balloons & party prop showed on above image is as per below

Giant Hello Kitty Balloon Walker

Our most popular Hello Kitty balloons among Hello Kitty lovers. This jumbo air walker balloon requires helium to stand upright with an approximate height of 1.2m or 120cm. This impressive giant size balloons will stage the atmosphere for your hello kitty theme proposal.

Mini Gold Letter Balloons

Gold letter displayed in the image are our air-filled small alphabet balloons. Balloons measure approximately 16 inches and will not float even when inflated with helium gas. To duplicate the look, inflate the balloon with normal air with either straw or balloon pump and the balloon will auto-seal the air into the balloon. Stick balloon with adhesive and paste onto the wall. A to Z balloons are available in gold and silver colours.

Customised Floral Prop 

Custom your party prop with a special message of your choice. Party Wholesale have various party prop design to fit your special occasion.

Helium Balloons

In this picture baby pink and white helium balloons are used. 11-inch latex balloon float approximately 6-8hours in indoor condition. May release balloons and let balloons float up to the ceiling or bundle balloons together as a bunch as per above balloon inspiration.

Above balloons can be brought from Party Wholesale’s website – Singapore’s One Stop Party Supplies & Balloons Online Store


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