Smiley Emoji Party Prop Balloon Singapore Party Wholesale Frankel


Get our cute set of 8 smiley emoji party prop now!

Jazz up your party with these ultra cute balloons, which can double up as a party decoration or party prop for photo-taking.

Balloons will be inflated with normal air and tied to cup and stick. Balloons will last 1 to 14 days.

Note: Balloon will NOT be able to float even when inflated with helium, balloons are not sold individually. 

Island-wide delivery available, click here to check delivery rate

Set of 8 Emoji party prop package includes:

a) 9″ Emoji Yellow Face Smiley Balloon

b) 9″ Emoji Yellow Face Grinning Balloon

c) 9″ Emoji Yellow Face Winking Balloon

d) 9″ Emoji Yellow Face Crying Balloon

e) 9″ Emoji Yellow Face Sunglass Balloon

f) 9″ Emoji Yellow Face Smiley Love Balloon

g) 9″ Shit Happy Balloon

h) 9″ Moustache Balloon

Buy It Here:


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