Walking Pet Balloons Singapore Party Wholesale Centre

Make someone happy today by surprising them with these ultra-cute walking pet animal balloon. These balloons are tied with a “leash” around their neck to walk them around. Adorable pet walker balloon are favourite among kids birthday party and double up as souvenirs for the kids to bring home to have fun!

Party Wholesale Centre carry a wide range of animal walking pet balloons, great for all kind of party theme. Be it Safari Jungle Theme or Prehistoric Dinosaur Party, Barnyard Farm Theme or even Garden Theme we have it all. Pair it with jumbo animal balloons or helium balloons and your set to go! We are now having a Pet walker Balloon SALE, as long as you purchase our set of 9 pet walkers, you get to save $4.50 (50 cents discount for each pet walker balloon). What are you waiting for? Get it at our online party shop!

Below is the range of walking pet balloons available

  1. T-Rex Dinosaur Walking Pet Balloon
  2. Supersaurus Dinosaur Walking Pet Balloon
  3. Giraffe Walking Pet Balloon
  4. Elephant Walking Pet Balloon
  5. Ladybug Walking Pet Balloon
  6. Penguin Walking Pet Balloon
  7. Pug Dog Walking Pet Balloon
  8. Turtle Walking Pet Balloon
  9. Sausage Dog Walking Pet Balloon
  10. Pointy Nose Dog Walking Pet Balloon
  11. Long Ear Dog Walking Pet Balloon
  12. Cat Walking Pet Balloon
  13. Frog Walking Pet Balloon
  14. Cow Walking Pet Balloon
  15. Zebra Walking Pet Balloon
  16. Deer Walking Pet Balloon And Many More!


Wedding Tassel Frills balloons Singapore Party Wholesale Centre

Party Wholesale Centre has created these beautiful tassel balloons, great for all kinds of occasion, be it a wedding, proposal, birthday parties, company functions, baby shower and even anniversary event! These romantic frills balloons can be customised according to your colour theme, may change balloon colour, and even the tassel colours.

Below are giant wedding tassel balloons we did for our fabulous client at Raffles Hotel; Bar & Billard Room. We used 36″ good quality latex balloon, pair with silver & gold tassel garland. Do email us at sales@partywholesale.com.sg to enquire!


Show appreciation to our very dedicated nurses with a Thank You Nurse Balloons. Party Wholesale Centre is now having 30% discount for

Party Wholesale Centre is now having 30% discount for full range of nurses balloons, place your order now while stock last!


Nurse Day Balloons Singapore Party Wholesale Centre Wow Lets Have Fun

Nurse Day Balloons Singapore Party Wholesale Centre

16″ Letter Alphabet Balloons Singapore

Need to custom party message or name for your event? These versatile mini letter balloons are suitable for all events, be it hosting a birthday party, proposal, corporate event or even wedding message, these small alphabet balloons is sure to fit your theme. Not only are they available in both silver and gold colour, these lightweight balloons is transportable and can be conveniently placed on table, hang across dessert table or stick to the wall as fabulous party backdrop.

Most Popular Message Used for Singapore’s Party

Proposal Event – WILL You MARRY ME

Wedding – MR MRS


Bridal Shower or Bachelorette – BRIDE TO BE or BACHELORETTE

Bachelor – BACHELOR

Buy It Here: http://goo.gl/9iMAzV

Mini Letter Balloon Singapore Party Wholesale Centre Mini Alphabet Letter Balloon Singapore Party Wholesale Centre

Mini Happy Birthday Custom Letter Balloon Singapore

Mini Silver Alphabet Balloon Singapore Party Wholesale Centre