Warehouse Sale! DIY Helium Balloons & Helium Tank Rental

Helium Tank Kit - DIY Helium Balloons Singapore

Party Wholesale is having massive Warehouse Sale!

From now till (not sure when), all our helium tansk are selling at special warehouse price! Be it small scale home party for baby shower, birthday or Big scale company event, we have it all! To ensure quality of our helium tank, all our tank come with a plastic white seal directly from factory! This seal is to ensure helium tank is filled to full capacity from factory and no way anyone can tamper with helium tank.

Why Should You DIY Helium Balloons Yourself?

  1. CHEAPER to DIY than buying helium balloons from party store.
  2. Convenient if you are hosting event at weird hours. Be it early morning event (e.g. wedding gate crash) or midnight surprise birthday party or wedding proposal in hotel. All you need to do it rent our tank, bring it to venue and prepare it before hand!
  3. SUPER FUN! Grab a couple of friends or family members and spend QUALITY time with each other! Everybody loves BALLOONS!
  4. Minimise HASSLE by transporting BULKY balloons from point A to point B or pay expensive delivery charge to transport bulky balloons from point A to B.
  5. Purchase a lot of balloons from overseas or have a lot of leftover balloons from previous party? Well renting our helium tank is the best option! Way cheaper to rent and inflate yourself than go down party store to inflate!

Still having doubts? Or Not very sure how to handle helium tank or inflate balloon or tie balloons? No problem, Party Wholesale Centre have prepared videos to guide you on how to use our helium tank, inflate balloon or tie latex balloons! Do not worry we got it settled for you guys! If your collecting our helium tank, we will also include a quick demonstration.

Helium Tank Kits is suitable for all occasion. We have 1000 over balloon design for all kind of occasion or party theme!

  • Wedding Gate Crash
  • Wedding Banquet
  • Proposal
  • Anniversary
  • Boys Birthday
  • Girls Birthday
  • Baby Shower or 1st Month Party
  • Adult Birthday
  • Corporate Event
  • Carnival
  • School Graduation Ceremony and Many more!

Checkout our Tutorial videos below.

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