Classic Tiffany 21st Birthday Party Celebration at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Party Wholesale Centre had a hectic but enjoyable time helping our customer Ernest decorate party venue for his girlfriend 21st Birthday Party at Republic of Singapore yacht Club.  He prefered Tiffany colour theme and we recommended the below colours and he loves it! In below decoration we used the following colours:

  1. Metallic Midnight Blue Balloons
  2. Metallic Mint Green Balloons
  3. Metallic Light Blue Balloons
  4. Metallic White Colour Balloon
  5. Decorator Turquoise Balloon
  6. Gold Colour Jumbo Letter Balloon

The above colours is goes marvellously well and we labelled it the “CLASSIC TIFFANY PARTY THEME”. For the main stage we have eye-catching Gold Letter Balloon Arch which read JANIS 21 and to complement the alphabet balloon arch, we added 30 loose balloons to fill up the bare ceilings, balloon garland at the edge of the stage and 2 bouquet of latex balloons at 2 corners to complete the stage decoration. Stage is where the main photo-taking will take place and letter balloon arch make a great backdrop as it measure approximately 3m in length and 2.5m in height.

21st Birthday Party Stage Decoration

For the stairwell leading up to clubhouse, we tied 2 big bouquet of latex balloons to welcome and guide guests up to party location which is at second level. Needless to say, all the guest have no problem identifying party location! Upon reaching main lobby the balloons are leading guests up to clubhouse. At each interval of stairwell, we tell a few balloons to give stairwell festive look.

Classic Tiffany Stariwell Balloons for 21st Birthday Party

As for the main entrance leading to clubhouse, we place 4 big bundles of latex balloons to welcome the guest as well as mini photo-taking corner for guests to take photo.

Entrance Balloons Singapore

Beside main entrance we place giant tassel balloons for guest to take photo with. If you guys are still not aware, tassel giant balloons are all the rage this year! It is a MUST have for all party occasion, especially wedding! It is a hit among brides for church wedding, as these big round balloons look great with vintage church setting and look marvelously well in photos. Party Wholesale Centre specialized in jumbo balloons, for tassel we can help guest customised based on their colours. For Janis 21st Birthday Party we used Tiffany, Ivory, Light Blue and Turquoise coloured tassels to complete the vintage classical look!

Tiffany Jumbo Balloon with Tassels

How the main entrance to party venue look, all the guests are raving about beautiful balloons and needless to say, our client is extremely satisfied with our service!Reception Balloons Decoration for 21st Birthday Party Singapore

Picture taken from above stairwell, this is how the balloons looks, don’t they look inviting?

Stairwell Balloons at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

We hope you guys enjoy our classic tiffany colour theme, we had a great time planning for Janis’s 21st birthday party. Do email us at if you wish to ask for quoatation for your big day event; be it small cosy birthday gathering, big scale church wedding or company’s DND we have it all! Stay tuned for more updates from Party Wholesale team!

By the way, our client Ernest is a awesome tennis coach instructor, checkout his tennis website


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