Wedding Shoots using Balloons

Wedding season is around the corners, and couples are busy taking wedding shots. Below are some inspirational wedding shots taken by couple from around the globe.

1) Jumbo Letter Balloons Wedding Shoot

Using alphabet balloons as prop for wedding photoshoot is increasingly popular. Common letters used are LOVE or XO or initial of bride and groom to be name. Below are some beautiful pictures used by creative couples around the world. In the first photo, couple choose to use neutral tone silver letter balloons as it blend in well with the maroon backdrop and their bright outfit. Balloon used in this picture do not require helium, normal air will do, as balloon is not floating but place on the ground as prop. By using non-helium balloons, couple can save a fair bit on their budget. Photographer is very creative by taking shots of the couple from different angle of the letter balloons.

wish we'd done an engagement shoot like this before we got hitched! inspired, vibrant, fun.

Picture taken from You Can’t Be Serious

In this photo, couple is going for classy elegant look and choose to use gold alphabet balloons. Again, they used normal air-filled balloon instead of helium balloons.

So stinkin' cute: | Photography: Britta Marie -

Inspiring photo from Style Me Pretty


Gold helium letter balloons is used in this case, as the balloons are floating upright. If this is the effect you are looking for, balloons require helium to produce below romantic effect.

Photography: Taya Photography -  Read More:

Photo grab from Style Me Pretty

Who say wedding shoot has to be taken at beautiful outdoor location. This couple shoot is taken at loading bay of some building. But the silver balloons blend in marvelously well with the backdrop.

Fun Balloon Engagement Shoot- Jessica and Andrew (Part 1) | Where in the World is France?

Photo taken from Where in the World is France


“XO” is another popular choice used by couples for their wedding shoot.

Giant Gold XO Balloons Engagement Photo Prop by brightsoslight

Photo from Etsy

2) Helium Latex Balloons Backdrop for Indoor Wedding Shoot

Perk up your studio with balloons for indoor wedding photo shoot. Below is a classy used of Metallic White latex balloons as backdrop. Balloons need to be helium filled and tied and different interval length to create the below effect. Couple uses balloons of varying size, about 50 11″ helium latex balloons and a handful of jumbo 36″ latex white balloons. Couple also used some normal air-filled balloons to decorate the floor to balance the look.

Balloons and Bubbly engagement shoot by Allie Lindsey

Photo belong to Magnolia Rouge

This is another romantic look created in indoor studio, couple used Metallic White and Light Pink 11″ latex balloons to create this soft romantic atmosphere. They simply place close to 100 over balloons up the ceiling and curling ribbons flowing down and normal air balloons littering the floor to complete the look.

Korean Style - their wedding style is always on point

Romantic Indoor wedding photo taken from Wedding Ritz



Brides: Whimsical, Fantasy Wedding Dresses : The highlights of this silk-organza-and-tulle confection include a draped sweetheart bodice trimmed with fringe, a mohair peplum skirt, and a blush-colored flower belt.

Photo taken from Brides

Ellen Ho Photography Sexy Engagement Shoot. 2014 Hottest Wedding Trends-Pink is Back-pastel pink, ballet pink, cotton candy pink, blush, peach, nude

Photo taken from Loverly


3) Giant Balloons Wedding Shoot

Giant 36″ jumbo latex balloons is increasingly popular among newlywed couples, be it for wedding shoot or actual wedding day decoration. Some prefer the crazy over the top look by using a lot off these lovely giant balloons or keeping it simple with just 2 balloons.

Below is a closeup shoot of the bride who is carrying 5 pieces of giant balloons and colours used are Light Pink, ivory and blush colours.

Love the idea of 3ft balloons for a photo shoot.

Photo belong to The Key Events

In this photo it showcase the bride holding on to 9 giant latex balloons. Balloons colours used are green, red and lavender, a popular wedding colours among newlyweds.

big balloons make for fun weddings

Photo taken from Pinterest


4) Save The Date Wedding Shoot

This is an increasingly popular trend this year, couple will take wedding shoot with their wedding date printed or written on balloons. Photo will be uploaded to their social media profile weeks before their wedding to “remind” their friend of their upcoming event. Balloons used in below picture are friendly on the wallet, all you need it a couple of 11″ helium latex balloons of your preferred colours and a thick permanent marker to write dates on. Pray hard the wind is not too strong, or else your date will be messed up.

Balloon colours used in below photo is metallic aqua latex balloon and metallic lime green latex balloons.

Save The Date Balloons

Photo taken from Victoria Angela

Balloon colours used in below photo is metallic white latex balloon and standard pink latex balloons.

Dit is ook een foto van mijn doelgroep

Photo taken from Pinterest


Balloon colours used in below photo is metallic yellow latex balloons.

Our save the dates with the wedding date on the balloons!

Save the Date Photo taken from Pinterest


Balloon colours use in below photo are metallic lime green balloon and metallic yellow balloon.

We love this save the date balloons photo shoot. Be sure to include balloons in your wedding photos too

Picture grab from Love Tree Studios

5) Disney Balloons Wedding Shoot

If your bride-to-be is a fan of Disney character, it will be a great idea to host wedding shoot in a theme park. Do avoid weekend to get away from the crowd. May even take pictures with Disney character balloons or Disney Mascot.

Orlando, FL Engagement Session by Concept Photography | Wedding Ideas and Inspiration Blog

Fairytale Photo from My Wedding

Use Mickey and Minnie Mouse Head balloons as wedding shoot prop. If your wife is a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse or certain Disney character, why not use character balloons as prop for your photo shoot. Helium will not be necessary for this case, as all you need is to hold balloon over the head.

Season for Love | AXIOO – Wedding Photography & Videography Jakarta Bali

Photo from AXIOO

 6) Outdoor Wedding Shoot – holding on to bunch of helium balloons

This is the simplest and most preferred wedding shoot where bride and groom to be will hold a bunch of helium balloons. As for the colours, will depend on their colour theme. In picture depicted below, the bride is holding pearly white balloons, will need at least 30 balloons to create effect below.

Balloon wedding bouquet......Opt for a gorgeous white balloon arrangement in your photos in lieu of a traditional wedding bouquet.

Photo taken from Wedding Bells

Pearly colour theme balloons are used in below picture. Colours used are Metallic lavender, periwinkle, white, mint green and light pink.

wedding balloons

Photo taken from Green Wedding Shoes

Vibrant colour theme balloons are used in below picture. Colours used are violet, red, orange, green, yellow baby blue and baby pink.

Engagement pics with balloons. Cute!!

Photo taken from Yahoo Share

Heart shaped latex balloons are used in this case, bride use the balloon to hide her face which is a popular wedding shoot pose recently.

heart-shaped balloons held by the bride // photo by

Photo taken from Ruffled

Giant bunch of helium latex balloons is used in this case, will need at least 150 to 200 balloons.

Amazing! Balloons, enormous sunflower, and pure awesome. by Raymond Phang Photography

Vibrant Outdoor wedding shoot photo taken from Rock N Roll Ride Bride

Giant balloon basket for engagement photos. Image via:

Photo from Anthropologie

 7) Heart Shaped Balloons Wedding shoot

anniversary photo idea

Photo taken from Pinterest

 7) Beach Wedding Photo Shoot

Senior Portrait Prop Inspiration - Live near a beach? What a cool idea!

Photo taken from Confessions of a prop junkie


This would be cute for save the date - maybe walking side by side with the date on the balloons.

Beautiful couple shot from Smile2Grace


Add a playful touch to your wedding pics with balloons.

Beach wedding shoot from Brit+co


 7) Picnic Wedding Photo Shoot


Beautiful photo taken from Maharani Weddings


 8) Wedding Car Photo Shoot

Cute photo...I am My Beloved's & My Beloved is Mine

Photo taken from Mybeloved

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