Singapore Balloon Decoration Set-up

Party Wholesale is bustling  with activities last weekend. Below are some of our proud balloon decoration our balloon team has created over the weekend!

Our day started at 5am in the morning for a school prize giving ceremony. The kids has loads of fun with the balloons and were gushing over the balloons! No event is complete without some balloon decoration! To create the festive atmosphere, we place dazzling star balloons along the staircase to welcome the parents and students on their way to the hall. Next we place letter column balloon at the back of the hall for some photo-taking session and lastly we place helium balloons around the canteen to create a happy vibrant party atmosphere! The parents and students had an enjoyable time posting next to the balloons and having the time of their life! Everybody was busy posting beside our colourful balloons and posting on social media such at facebook & instagram.

Party Wholesale Centre understand some events starts early in the morning, so we cater for early morning balloon delivery and set-up for all kinds of event. Be it a small morning wake-up surprise for your kids or wedding gate-crashing ceremony, church wedding set-up or corporate and school event, Party Wholesale Centre have it all! Do drop us an email at or call us at 6445 0508 for more information.

18″ Star Shaped Foil Balloon Bouquet

– 18″ Yellow Star Shape Foil Balloon

– 18″ Silver Star Shape Foil Balloon

– 18″ Red Star Shape Foil Balloon

Star Shaped Helium Foil Balloons

Spiral Balloon Columns (2m tall)   

– 11″ Metallic Blue Balloon

– 11″ Metallic Silver Balloon

– 11″ Metallic Yellow Balloon

– 40″ Gold Alphabet Balloon (A to Z)

Letter Balloon Columns Decoration Singapore

5 Layered Latex Balloons

– 11″ Metallic Red Balloon

– 11″ Metallic Yellow Balloon

– 11″ Metallic Blue Balloon

– 11″ Metallic Purple Balloon

– 11″ Metallic Pink Balloon

Layered Latex Helium Balloons Singapore

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