Best places to buy Party Supplies in Singapore

You need to make sure that your occasion to be successful and memorable if you are planning to hold an eventful party. A surefire way for your parties to go smoothly as planned is to obtain party provisions. You will need to use these items from party supplies stores to create an amazing and momentous party. Singapore has several party supplies shops, both online and retail, where you can purchase for all your party needs.

Local online shops

If you are budget conscious shopper. Then online vendors provide the best value in purchases over the brick and mortar shop at shopping malls. The advantages with online party supplies shop are that you can pre-order all types of supplies and have them inflated on the date of eventful party, ensuring the helium filled balloons last longer even after the party ended. There are countless of different designs, colours and sizes of all the basic party supplies that you can encounter on an online shopping sites. They will offer delivery regardless of your quantity and location required, saving you the precious time and trouble of collecting. Once you have placed your order with Singapore based online shops, you can expect delivery time to be short, precise and in time for your party events. Often, you can also take advantage of discount by buying party items in bulk amount.

Overseas online shops

Similar to Singapore based online shops, only that they are a larger businesses than those online shops based in Singapore. Examples of overseas based online shops are Amazons, Ebay, Alibaba and some other. The benefits are that their products are cheaper and provide widest product list in the world. Their downsides are that their orders take weeks and sometimes even months to reach and deliver within Singapore. Moreover, not every item displayed online are in stock at any one time or eligible to be shipped to Singapore. It can also be very expensive to import the items from overseas online shops.

Party stores in retail malls

Several local retail party stores deal with a wide array of party needs. Usually, these party items from local retail outlets are comparatively costlier than online vendors. However, due to space constraint, most of the retail outlets do not stock many of party supplies needs as compared to the warehouse employed by online vendors. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get hold of certain party supplies like balloons arch and column on the day of the visit to retail stores. The only good things are that you can see and touch party supplies in person, and make instant transaction and collection of the few items.

Retail dollar outlets

These retail discount outlets are specialised in offering wide range of general merchandises besides just party items. Examples of those dollar outlets are Daiso, ValuDollar and other dollar outlets. However, they offer extremely limited choice of party needs but deal with common goods. The only advantage with purchasing party items from discount outlets is that you can get your party items at a discounted prices, which can aids you in thrifty purchases. However, retail discount outlets do not concern themselves with only party essentials, so you are left with few choices of party supplies. Some outlets do not even stock anything related to party.

Hypermarket and Supermarket (and to lesser extent, minimart)

Like retail dollar outlets, but only bigger in size and more stocks. They have similar advantages and disadvantages of Retail dollar outlets. However, some outlets do not even stock anything related to party. So you may have to travel to find other hypermarket/supermarket that do stock them. On the minus side, price for party items at hypermarket and supermarket can be expensive unless they are on sales. Even if they hold sales for party items, they are still comparatively expensive than retail dollar outlets and online shops.

Customised party services

There are sole ownership and small businesses in Singapore that offer balloon twisting, magic shows, and party decoration services. The individuals have expertise in adding entertainment to the event. The noteworthy thing with such services that they are extremely flexible in their services to personalise your party event. Conversely, their services are high in demand and they can find it problematic to meet the time limit, particularly if they have to meet order with many kinds of party supplies that suit the needs of their clients in a short time.

Party Wholesale Singapore is your one-stop solution to meet your party needs without burning a hole in your pocket. We are constantly adding new supplies to our growing product list. So if you found an item we do not stock online, kindly send in an enquiry stating name of item and quantity required by email ( or on Facebook ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We provide delivery island-wide at a charge and self-collection at 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209  at no charge.

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