Graduation Balloons SALE

Graduation Gifts Ideas

Graduation Gifts

With Graduation Ceremony around the corners for various Tertiary Institution in Singapore; such as National University of Singapore (NUS), National Technology University of Singapore (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU), are you looking for unique graduation gifts to spice up Graduation Ceremony?

Is Graduation Bear your 1st choice? It is outrageously expensive if you purchase at the ceremony venue, with 9″ size graduation bear costing as much as $69.90! Party Wholesale understand the budget constraint and recommend you attend these ceremony prepared so as to SAVE MONEY! Below are some of our recommendations.

1) Kiddy Palace

Graduation Bear available at Kiddy Palace at fraction of the price! Click here to checkout nearest Kiddy Palace outlet. Moreover Kiddy Palace is having Great Singapore Sale promotion! Buy now while Stock last!

2) Graduation Balloons

Party Wholesale have a wide range of Graduation Balloons available, with balloons as low as $3.50. Add some fun by purchasing our ultra-cute congratulatory graduation balloons, each with its own unique message that is sure to bring a smile to your graduate’s face! Take this opportunity to make their Big Grad Day extra special with our balloons now! You may choose helium-inflated balloons (balloons will be floating) or un-inflated balloons (deflated balloons) depending on your choice. If you find bringing balloons over to the graduation ceremony too much a hassle, you may purchase the balloons and place in your graduates room and surprise them there after!  No one stipulate you cannot have a graduation celebration Part 2!

You may purchase graduation balloons at :



Peacock Grad Balloons


Congrats Grad Balloon Cap

Happy-Bunny-Graduation-Balloon Graduation-Column-Mylar-Balloon Graduation-Balloon-Smart-Owl Graduation-Balloons-Congrats-Grad-Hat Graduation-Balloon-Jumbo-Grad-Colourful Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Color-Blocks Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Colorful-Prismatic-Star Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Icons-Balloon Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Man Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Many-Stars Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Multi-colored-Stripes Graduation-Balloon-Hallmark Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-Blue-Star Graduation-Balloon-Congrats-Grad-3D-Star Graduation-Balloon-Colourful-Square-Balloon Graduation-Balloon-Cap-Messages-Red-Balloon


3) Graduation Gift – Money Leis

Prefer something more original and lots of time on hand? Why not make a Money Leis? Checkout

I’m sure your graduate will appreciate your gift, as they would definitely need money to buy job-related clothes and some basic necessities! Show your support by giving them Money Leis.

Other money related gifts includes: Money Pizza


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