Why Party Cake Pops is increasingly popular in Singapore?

Looking for something extra special for your upcoming party? Why not try Party Wholesale latest addition: Cake Pops by Edible Blossom. Now some of you might be wondering; What is Cake POP? According to Wikipedia, Cake pop is a cake style in the manner of lollipop, and is an increasing rising trend among child’s party in Singapore.

5 Reasons why Cake Pop is gaining popularity in Singapore

1) Party Cake Pops are way CHEAPER than 3D Cakes.

The average price for a 3d cake ranges from $100 to as much as $300 depending on your degree of customization. While you can easily get cake pop within a $100 dollar budget with your very own theme customization. Now, this reason alone is substantial enough to buy cake pops for your next children’s party!

2) Minimize Food Wastage with Party Cake Pops

It proves so much easier to estimate cake pops quantities with the number of Party guests. If you have a total of 10 guests, simply order 10-12 cake pops. Party Wholesale will recommend you order extra 1-2 cake pops for in case you have last minute additional guest or in case one or two of your guests would like to have 2nd serving of cake pops. Comparatively, how many kilograms of cake should you order if you have 10 guests?

3) Cake Pops double as Party Decoration

You may personalized cake pops with your theme, and cake pops will definitely complement your dessert table or used as props for your photo booth! Now you don’t have to fret about photo props, simply grab cake pops from the dessert table and put it back afterwards!

4) Cake Pops as Party gifts for your little guests

A lot of parent’s find it a hassle to source for their theme-related party souvenirs. Cake Pops proves to be the ideal party souvenirs for your little ones. Not only can they have theme-related customized cake pops, they can also customised cake pops base on their party theme colours or child’s name or age! How cool is that? Moreover, cake pops can last as long as 6 hours outdoor without spoiling, no more fussing over food storage or lack of space in your fridge.

5) Mess free with Party Cake Pops

These mini lollipop cakes are way easier to eat than the traditional cake. Simply unwrap the plastic wrapper form the cake pop (similarly to a lollipop) and you are ready to eat these delicious cakes. Whereas for 3d, cake cutting, proves a challenge, as you have to find means and way to dissect the cakes and serve to your guest. Moreover you have to prepare cutlery for your guest. While for cake pops, you can save on these additional hassles. Simply distribute out cake pops to your guest and they are ready to munch! In conclusion, Cake Pops is way wallet friendlier than your average 3D or 2D cakes. Not only does it doubles as Party Decoration for your child’s party, you can give it away as mini souvenirs for your little ones. No wonder local mamas are forsaking 3D cakes for these popular mini lollipop cakes for their kids party. Website: http://www.partywholesale.com.sg/product/cake-pops/cake-pops-en/ Below are some Cake Pops images for your enjoyment.

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